Buy an apartment near Ravenscourt Park

The choice seems obvious: Buying an apartment near Ravenscourt Park is to make a home between the city and nature, not far from the banks of the River Thames in West London. Officially a part of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the park offers 8.3 hectares of public greenery and garden, with majestic plane and cedar trees, historic plants, and roots dating back to the 12th century when its medieval estate, Palingswick Manor, was built. Pristinely manicured, Ravenscourt Park is one of the few to win the prestigious Green Flag Award.

The neighborhood surrounding Ravenscourt Park is quiet and residential, while still carrying an air of history. Buyers, especially those with good taste, families, and an affinity for peace and quiet, are delighted to discover the spacious and recently renovated apartments set in magnificent Victorian mansion blocks and other red-brick buildings lining the leafy streets. Just as the past, the present, and even the future, the standards of living remain very high.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, ask your BARNES London agent to arrange a visit to the beautiful Hamlet Garden, a high-end residence that houses over 122 luxury apartments on Westcroft Square, just a short walk from the River Thames.

Little village, big city

The pace may be a little slower in these parts of town, but it’s all the sweeter. Properties for sale around Ravenscourt Park attract those who want to enjoy a high quality of life in proximity to a major international city. The neighborhood is largely defined by its bucolic characteristics, with its resourceful Garden Centre and fabulous florist shops, but that’s not all this beautiful living environment has to offer.

With a diverse variety of dining, cultural, and commercial establishments, Ravenscourt Park is home to wonderful gems to enjoy moments of relaxation by the riverfront. From the most old-fashioned to that of the new world, residents are invited to dine at The Dove, a historical public house that was once frequented by royalty such as Charles II of England, to an array of organic eateries, garden cafes, and cuisine from the four corners of the globe. But, as tradition obliges, afternoon tea is served at Fait Maison, the tea house in the heart of the park.

The park itself is a source of immense joy and pride for residents. Ravenscourt Park is comprised of high-quality facilities for both families with energetic children and professionals who like to stay active outside of the office: tennis, netball, and basketball courts, as well as a bowling green, playgrounds, paddling pool, sandpit, and even a children’s beach. In the summer, the park and surrounding neighborhood come alive to the sound of alfresco opera performances, picnics on the lawn, rowing and boating on the river, and bonfire celebrations that illuminate the night. And just before the leaves begin to purple, the park hosts the renowned Carters Steam Fair, the “world’s largest vintage traveling funfair” and a season’s must!

Work in the city, play in the park, live in the village, and buy an apartment in the neighborhood of Ravenscourt Park.

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