Buy an apartment in the trendy neighborhood of Shoreditch

By now it’s common knowledge: To buy an apartment in Shoreditch is to receive membership into London’s trendiest neighborhood. Located in the realm of the East End, this quarter is known for its artistic atmosphere awash with a creative energy that attracts buyers who have timeless taste and an affinity for the avant-garde.

A market inspired by art and technology

Shoreditch wasn’t always a young buyer’s dream. Its reputation really began to take shape in the mid-1990s when its industrial landscape experienced a sort of changing of the guards, if you will, first brought on by artists, then later by tech-savvy creative types. Grim, gray streets and vacant warehouses were transformed into colorful canvases by graffiti artists, ranging from low to high brow, like Banksy. As the digital revolution took hold of London, technology companies set up shop along Old Street Roundabout and formed what we know today to be the East London Tech City.

Among this craze of creativity, a certain professionalism prevailed, attracting an influx of wealthy investors. Since, the property market in Shoreditch has undergone a glossy makeover. The district’s mix of Renaissance, Classical, Palladian, Georgian, and Industrial buildings have been repurposed and refined into slick offices for media and advertising agencies, gallery spaces, upscale restaurants and bars, private clubs and venues such as the Shoreditch House, as well as high-end housing: luxury lofts and apartments that feature the latest in interior design and technology.

There is no shortage of new real estate developments in Shoreditch. For example, the Principal Tower is a sleek skyscraper at Principal Place that offers 50 floors of luxury apartments and penthouses with sublime city views designed by the award-winning architects at Fosters + Partners. If height is not your thing, there are a range of modern residences with integrated appliances on the market that will delight and surprise a wide array of profiles.

Still the place to be

Looking for the perfect property on the London real estate market can be as rigorous a challenge as choosing your favorite object d’art from the Tate Modern. But those whose taste leans more towards the whims of contemporary art narrow their search to the vibrant and lively streets of Shoreditch, always at the forefront of the newest trend.

Historically, Shoreditch has been coupled up with Hoxton, its hip neighbor to the west, as a place where nightlife, experimental arts, and youth culture thrive. Through years of development, this much has not changed. The neighborhood is still at the center of the cutting-edge scene, whether it be in gastropubs and artisanal cafes selling coffee by day and hosting international DJs by night, to the independent fashion boutiques and concept stores on Shoreditch High Street.

Rest assured, the spontaneity and raw innovation is still there. Brick Lane Market in the heart of the district is full of hidden “bric-à-brac” treasures as well as fresh produce. On Great Eastern Street, you’ll encounter a host of outdoor cultural events like live music. Emerging and international artists exhibit their work at contemporary galleries, such as BEERS London. Every weekend, residents and visitors are invited to discover under-the-radar speakeasies and cocktails lounges camouflaged in vintage warehouses. And for a bit of repose, Sundays are reserved for enjoying the fresh air and calm beauty of the flower and plant market on Columbia Road.

Whatever your cup of tea, Shoreditch is an invigorating playground for the creative soul. Fortunately, super-prime specialists at the BARNES London real estate agency make it easy to navigate the ever-changing marketplace and find an apartment that meets a high criterion in the trendsetting community of Shoreditch.