Why buying property in Notting Hill is still the right move

The ability to change is a valuable asset. No London neighborhood demonstrates progression better than the charming chameleon of Notting Hill, where the living environment is constantly adapting to the times, while the idea of home remains timeless.

Notting Hill, still rising

Whether a totally renovated apartment or classic period house, it’s a pleasure and privilege to buy property in Notting Hill. A little bohemia, known to be London’s very own Montmartre, this lively neighborhood was once a hub for artists, writers, and cultural movers and shakers. Today, it has been transformed into a refined corner for the posh, the stylish, the chic, and those altogether in-the-known to live in London.

Ideally located in West London, between Kensington and Chelsea, Notting Hill wasn’t always as prestigious as its neighbors. In the 1990s, an influx of wealthy buyers led to major redevelopment on a grand scale: seeds of upscale restaurants and fine shops were planted to bloom alongside aged properties, which were also restored. In no time, Notting Hill began to soar, becoming one of London’s most coveted and exclusive enclaves, elevating the standard of its quality of life, and taking property value up with it.

Exceptional estates

To buy property in Notting Hill is to invest in a dynamic neighborhood. However, buyers are faced with one small dilemma: Choosing which one of the spectacular super-prime properties in Notting Hill is for you. Fortunately, your BARNES London consultant is well-versed.

Reflecting its eclectic atmosphere, real estate in Notting Hill spans from the grandiose to the whimsical, large stucco-fronted Georgian estates to rows of colorful pastel houses on Elgin Crescent. Passersby can detect the air of tradition, emanating from the white Victorian townhouses, as well as an extended invitation to families by virtue of its airy gardens, terraces, and front yardsThere’s an array of styles, too, from semi-detached to completely detached properties.

Residents of Notting Hill fall deeper in love with each stroll around the block. It’s not only because of its village-like charm, which was perfectly portrayed in its eponymous Hollywood film, but also its wide streets, private gardens, curving roads, and quiet residential areas – such as Arundel Gardens, Ladbroke Square, and Kensington Park Gardens – set in the heart of a major metropolis.

Festive, Fashion, Family and Fun

There’s a reason why Notting Hill is the favorite (with a capital F) neighborhood of so many. First and foremost, this quarter of London offers an unparalleled vibrancy with colorful and chirpy residents and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Neighborhood children are a priority and benefit from private and independent schooling par excellence – especially for expat families at the Southbank International School and the Lycée Charles de Gaulle.

With a very creative energy, residents of Notting Hill are never at a loss of things to do: films at Electric Cinema, an affiliate of the exclusive Soho House group; a tour of the  Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising; cocktails and/or dinner at The Ledbury, a delectable fine-dining establishment; and shopping galore at Notting Hill Gate for high-end boutique and at the famous Portobello Market, the world’s largest antique market and a personal favorite of collectors for rare finds.

The neighborhood’s spirit and cultural diversity come to a peak during the Notting Hill Carnival, a vibrant celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture that takes place every summer in the heat of August. To be honest, it’s not just the residents of Notting Hill that gather together for this event, but the whole of London make it point to bring their style, their rhythm, their joie de vivre to the festivities!

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